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Dynamist offer the customer a functional solution for a secure Image with associated software and services

Our secure Operating system is built with a focus on a life cycle perspective, which means that the OS is established and can then be maintained and later decommissioned up in the same service. OS Maintenance and support is offered as an option to this package.

To prevent information from being disseminated and thereby risk being disclosed, the Image allows a reset after use of the system has ended. In this case, the reset refers to the Image software package for the intended computer hardware, which is then reset to the state that prevailed at start-up. A correctly performed restoration of Image ensures that any security-classified data and metadata are deleted

Details on how a restoration of the produced Image can be achieved must thus be prepared in a dialogue between the Client and the Supplier. The starting point is to choose the method that is weighed to be the easiest to implement and which also meets the information security requirements compiled in the curing process according to the requirements specification

The solution includes a validation that all constituent components such as operating systems, drivers, applications and intended hardware as well as configuration of these interact in a functional solution

Dynamist offers secure Images on both Linux and Windows

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