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SOLID Infrastructure

At Dynamist, we prioritize secure systems and offer automation from the ground up. Our SOLID Infrastructure is a concept built on our extensive experience in creating high-quality, secure IT systems. It consists of methodology, architecture, and technology that provide cost-effective and manageable IT systems, infrastructures, and functions

Our modules, methodology, and architecture are designed to run on operating systems and application environments that can operate on physical hardware, private, or public cloud. Our modules handle installation, configuration, and are continuously tested to ensure security and reliability. We introduce improvements through iterative work, using the same processes as in software development. Lessons learned from these processes are applied to systems integration and infrastructure

Dynamist has designed a method for implementing SOLID Infrastructure based on well-proven methods and our own experiences. Our method consists of several parts and different toolboxes. We follow four phases to ensure secure systems, including Requirements, Integration, Hardening, and Validation. With Dynamist, you can trust that your IT systems are secure and well-maintained

  • Phase 1 – Requirements
  • Phase 2 – Integration
  • Phase 3 – Hardening
  • Phase 4 – Validation

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