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SOLID Authentication

Introducing our cutting-edge secure login solution built on Yubikey

Our login system is designed to provide the highest level of security for your organization. With Yubikey at its core, our solution offers two-factor authentication, ensuring that only authorized users have access to your critical data and systems

With MFA, users are required to provide something they have (the Yubikey device) in addition to something they know (their password) for login, making it much more difficult for malicious actors to gain access to your systems

Our solution is also designed for ease of use and convenience. Yubikey is a small USB device that can be easily carried with you, and it works seamlessly with our login system, allowing users to log in with just a simple touch

In addition, our solution is fully customizable and can be integrated into any existing infrastructure. It works with a wide range of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices, so you can ensure secure access to all of your systems

We understand the importance of uptime and availability, that's why our solution is designed with high availability in mind, providing you with a 99.9% uptime guarantee

Don't compromise on security. Choose our secure login solution built on Yubikey for a robust, user-friendly, and convenient solution that will protect your organization's sensitive data and systems

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